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Latest Version Is 4.0

4.0 added keredors menu, fly through walls and funny car builder. included in additional mods slot 12 is drive through walls, this is a tester mod and requires activating car superglue through premium to prevent falling through the map (will make this into one command by next release). 

3.9 Premium released all options that were removed in V3.8 are now available including All Player Management Menu, new handling lines, all vehicles now lowered, 4X4 vehicles are offroad monsters, funny object attach as requested by RudeBoy its a surprise and no its not a hippo ;) Also Added Free downloadable updates for premium members. 

3.8 Added Online Player Management (Bad Stuff) , Gravity Gun, Rocket Gun also configured "Boost Hydro Jump"

3.7 Added new spawnable map mods Dr X 2.5 and evades 3.0. there is now a slot for evads premium, evades V2. Also Added cam hack, ps3 script, ps3 controller config, God Mode and Unlimited clip, Object spawner with all car models from original IV able to attach them to any vehicle, More player models including all from GTA IV,TBOGT and most from TLAD.

3.6 Now has THREE object spawners, spawn a train through one of over 5 vehicle menus. now you can spawn a couch car and lots of other cool stuff

3.5 Added native trainer that allows you to add hydrolic's to any car, freeze time even if your not the host, recruit any ped, Also added car garage V2 which can be accessed anywhere and allows you to match the colour of the neons to the colour of the cars paint or any colour you want!, edited version of dudeitsbrians mods has been added to mod menu.

3.4 Added gun camo's to TBOGT weapons and added helicopter car spawns to middle island and mods  now has two drift lines one for airport Drift and one for drifting round the narrow streets of Liberty City. Lower cars without popping tyres.

3.3 Added custom engine noises to all cars with body kits. increased top speed on all vehicles. skylift is now as fast as annihilator. Other players can now hang on to any vehicle you drive/fly. all vehicles names replaced. car spawns replaced with original beta release as they were preferred by most. Futo is no longer a drift car but is tuned with custom engine.

3.2 Added original object spawner, parachute glitch is back! , car colour changer with RB + LB , Garage Mod. fixed infectious vehicle god mode. Added new menus and loading screens. 

3.1 Added robot mod, dance mod, car spawn menu without keyboard, removed sco manager and added Skylift Pickup to additional mods menu. More stable than the previous beta release. Annhilator now has the pickup mod. most cars Given Standard speed with a few tweaks, retrieve cars from water, vehicle invincibility on/off (great for blending in ;) drift cars futo, blista and uranus, voodoo has hydrolics, Dukes is a drag car!  

3.0 Added beta map pack release with added Islands and one island that you can spawn for all players. plus my edited script, fixed spawn a stripper that gets in your vehicle and much, much more.

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